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Imagine Avenue
Gemma and Alice at Imagine Avenue

Welcome to Imagine Avenue

We are a fully mobile role-play village with 8 beautifully curated ‘real world’ areas to explore. We can come to your setting which means we are an affordable and simple alternative to an off-site trip.

We utilise our combined 25 years experience in Primary Education and childcare to create a unique, engaging and purposeful play environment which we are delighted to be bringing to nurseries and schools across Nottingham.

Imagine Avenue can...

Support children to explore their personal interests

Build on their independence and confidence with positive relationships

Empower with the power of play in early year and KS1 settings

Develop crucial language and communication skills for life

Encourage curiosity & imagination with skilled childcare leaders

Enable safe and supported exploration of the world around them

Imagine Avenue encourages children to

Dream, Discover & Do

Child-led play with skilled facilitators
Led by us

Led by us

Imagine Avenue staff, who include a qualified and experienced teacher, will lead your event
Your School

Your Venue

We'll bring Imagine Avenue to your educational setting on the day.
Serving Nottinghamshire

Serving Nottinghamshire

We serve schools across the Nottinghamshire area

Additional fees apply for +5 miles

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Our usual half-day times are 09:00 - 12:00 (AM) and 13:00 - 16:00 (PM).
We'll be in touch to confirm exact timings with you.

Please provide the full address and postcode of your school or educational setting.

We’ll need at least a 9x4 space for our equipment, and easy access between our vehicle and the location of the event.


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We'll get back to you in the next 72 hours to confirm your date.

If we have any questions, we'll send you an email before confirming your event.

What can Imagine Avenue do for my class?

At Imagine Avenue we can offer you a unique opportunity to add an enriching and valuable experience to your curriculum offer. We are available for one-off visits to your school setting which are ideal as a ‘hook’ for introducing a new topic or enquiry. Our role-play has also successfully been used as a weekly opportunity for a year group/class to develop key skills.

We are equally well placed to offer a booking as a reward or play session for pupils to celebrate the end of term or particular achievement or as a regular booking for an after school club.

What does the event look like?

During a school visit you can expect children to demonstrate their independence and confidence as they navigate and explore the different areas of play.

Our nursery and school visits are carefully planned and structured to allow all children in Early Years and KS1 to access the role-play. We believe that there are a huge amount of learning opportunities within our imaginative sessions. We have a number of activities for the children to engage with alongside the play equipment which encourage cooperation, curiosity, social skills and language development.

There is also plenty of opportunity for play with our high quality resources! Imagine Avenue staff will be present during the visit (including a Qualified EYFS/KS1 Teacher) to lead the sessions, interact with pupils and to reset and tidy the areas as needed.

Can you support my topic?

Yes! The 'Imagine' area of the avenue can be based around maths, phonics or fine motor skills, depending on the needs of your pupils.

If your pupils have a particular interest that we may be able to incorporate (dinosaurs, princesses, vehicles etc) then please let us know and we will endeavour to include appropriate toys, costumes etc.

Alternatively, if you would like us to incorporate elements of an area of learning or topic we can accommodate most requests (ie. people who help us, Geography etc).

We will also provide you with digital copies of resources based on our Imagine Avenue role-play which can be used in the classroom following our visit to extend and develop the learning.

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